We penetrate the unknown world by undertaking Ground Zero research, providing clients with vital information to make informed decisions. We monitor and evaluate projects ensuring good value for money.

We offer risk minimisation and risk mitigation strategies for businesses. Support new businesses to establish a foothold and hedge against common risks and facilitating negotiations with governments, public institutions and sectorial stakeholders.

We provide a service that brings business and development expertise based on extensive experience.

Driving Development Through Business

ORAIDC is a consultancy service that brings the best of Diaspora business and development expertise on Africa. Our team of consultants bring world class services and products based on extensive expertise and local knowledge of Africa.
  • Ground zero research, baseline studies, feasibility studies, surveys and stakeholder engagement
  • Undertaking due diligence and opportunity mapping for businesses seeking new geographic markets
  • Community engagement, share schemes, community capacity building, social enterprise and value chain development. We pro vide appropriate CSR advice, creating strategies that result in a win-win scenario for both business and the communities it operates in
  • Bridging support for European, UK and other western businesses seeking operations in Africa